This is how I made a self signed certificate:

makecert -sk testRootCA -sky signature -sr localmachine -n "CN=RatatoskSMSTrustedCA" -ss TRUST -r RootTrustedCA.cer

makecert -sk testServer -ss MY -sky exchange -sr localmachine -n "CN=RatatoskSMS" -ic RootTrustedCA.cer -is TRUST -e 01/01/2040 Server.cer

Look up the certificate in management console for certificates. It should be under Local Machine -> Personal. Copy the thumbprint.

netsh http add sslcert ipport= certhash=ThumbprintForCertificateWithoutSpaces appid={2b4f10f4-b829-47d8-a112-e70d79e028d0}

The GUID is for the RatatoskSMS application/Service. (Both have the same)

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