Some comments on Modems.xml:

There is a template file in the RatatoskServer folder named ref_Modems.xml. Use that as a base to create Modems.xml.

The file is normally in the installation directory of your exe, but the path is specified in app.config.

   <modem seq="2" number="+467273267xx" serial="35355804198xxxx" devicepattern="HUAWEI Mobile Connect - 3G PC UI Interface.*?\((?&lt;portname&gt;COM[0-9]+)\)" sentsincefilled="22" periodlimit="5000" isrecieveonly="0">

attr explanation
seq a unique sequence number
number phone number of the modem. Can be empty for all but one, If empty the program will send messages from the ones without number to the one with to figure out this.
serial IMEI of the modem. will be filled in for you if empty
devicepattern A regular expression used to find devices that are modems, and is used to figure out the COM-port of the modem. The ones I use are not identified as serial ports, so I had to find them by the name that is shown in device manager.
sentsincefilled number of messages used since last period start. (I use subscriptions that let me send up to 5000 messages per mont)
periodlimit max number of messages in a period
isrecieveonly is automatically set to 1 when the messages are used up.

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