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How to set up:

This project is not in a state yet to do an automatic install of a running instance, there are a few manual tweaks that need to be applied, and I don't intend to publish that until I get around to automate all that.

So, for the time being, download the solution from the repo, and be prepared to do some configuration.

There are two ways to run the actual gateway, either as a Winforms exe or as a service.

The service is the recommended option, the winforms application is more a tool to debug.

Some things that need to be prepared:
  • If you don't live in Sweden, you probably want to implement a phone number class that matches the rules for the number plan of your country. See the PhoneNumberSwedish project. The assembly of your class should then be setup in the app.config file to be loaded as a plugin.
  • You need to set up a database. Easiest way is to install SQLEXPRESS and to generate a db creation script from the edmx editor in VS. make sure the permissions for the database matches the connectionstring in app.config.
  • If you install as a service and want the log-file, take care to set up permissions for the file/directory so that the user ID the service is running as has rights to write to it.
  • If you want to use SSL (https) for your web interface. you need to create and install a certificate. Make a certificate
  • Set up the "Modems.xml" file. The comments in ref_Modems.xml should help you. Set up Modems
  • Set up the app.config. The comments should help.


There is no user manual for the time being, so you need to look at the source code to figure out how to use it... ;-)

In general, the commands to the web interface can be deduced from DBSmsSender.cs as well as what is sent in the callbacks.

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