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Project Description
SMS gateway based on library GSMComm, that can handle multiple GSM modems to send and recieve messages to/from database, with http interface.

"In Norse mythology, Ratatoskr is a squirrel who runs up and down the world tree Yggdrasil to carry messages between the unnamed eagle, perched atop Yggdrasil, and the wyrm Níðhöggr, who dwells beneath one of the three roots of the tree."

This is just starting up, don't expect to be very stable for a while...

  • Use multiple std 3G USB modems
  • Can send and receive std and "long" SMS over GSM
  • Buffers messages in database (via Entity Framework,; SQLEXPRESS, mySQL, whatever that supports ADO.NET)
  • Web-interface based on HttpListener that handles incoming requests for sending and administration/monitoring.
  • Can call back to webpage on received message and on sent message (with status)
  • Prioritized send queue, with schedule on when sending is allowed for different priorities
  • Special handling for subscriptions that are "X number of messages per month"
    • Keeps track of number of sent per modem
    • Detects incoming messages from operator regarding status of subscription
    • Modem can be in "Receive only" mode
    • Does USSD request for current state of subscription at modem start-up.
    • Allow for priority based "reserve tank" of messages

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